Jigi Jigi

Jigi Jigi is a physical roller coaster, where I would like to let my body rule. I am letting my playful engines take over me, and I try to find the control in the mess I create. I would like to see myself in the eyes of the spectators and I try to use my abilities not to impersonate but to be myself.

Choreographer: Emese Nagy
Performers: Emese Nagy, Vera Jonas / Vera Jonas Music

Composers: Vera Jonas Music, Krisztián Vranik / Krizso
Mentor: Adrienn Hód/ Hodworks
Costume: Anna Kudron/ PINKPONILO
Lights: Dézsi Kata/ Ferenc Payer
Production Assistant: Várnagy Kristóf
Support: IZP Klub, MU Színház, Pro Progressione, SÍN Arts and Culture Center, Műhely Alapítvány / Workshop Foundation, Trafó House, Odin Teatret, Springboard Danse Montreal
Photo: Dániel Dömölky, István Huisz

Emese Nagy MA-ZE choreographer
Emese Nagy MA-ZE choreographer
Emese Nagy MA-ZE choreographer